* Winter Break *

Due to the current Covid situation and with the winter months now upon us the team at NZC Hire have decided
to take a break and have pushed pause on the business. When the time is right we'll be back!

If you're interested in buying second hand trucks or excavators please visit our sister company NZ Commercials & Industrial .

NZC Hire - Commercial Truck & Excavator Hire

NZC Hire

16 Barros Place, Richmond
Nelson 7081, New Zealand

Long Term Truck & Excavator Hire/Lease

Long Term Lease/Hire is a wise investment for any business.

We are prepared to SET UP machines to suit your specific job or requirements. This will provide you a customised long term hire package that works best for you!

Hire & Lease Benefits

  • No capital outlay or depreciation
  • Provides flexibility that buying equipment cannot
  • Back up service
  • Budgeted costs – all scheduled maintenance carried out by us, no need to worry about insurance, registration etc
  • Drive quality machinery – professional image, less down time
  • Take advantage of our wide range of attachments - hire when you need
Long term lease & hire excavators and trucks

Enquire TODAY about Long Term Lease & Hire Options:

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